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Scroll for listings by month.  Shows listed have received ISCA consent. This information is provided as a courtesy by the ISCA. Please check with either the show giving club or the AKC to ensure that all information is correct.


August 2017


Irish Setter Club of Ohio 

LCKC Park, 49979 St. Rt. 511, Oberlin, OH 44074 

August 11, 2017  

Conformation: Sharon Derrick  

Junior Showmanship:  Judy Lother 

Sweepstakes: Sharon Reily 

August 12, 2017 (concurrent w/ Lorain County KC) 

Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Constance Lyons 

Sweepstakes: Pam Gale 

Show Secretary: Judy Drotar , 3949 Cadwallader-Sonk Road , Cortland, ND 44410          (330)637-4875 


Irish Setter Club of Colorado
Conformation: Lorraine Bisso
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Cynthia Hutt
Conformation and VC Conformation: Mr. Rick Gschwender - AKC
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Anna Vaughn
Obedience: Ms. Lynn F Eggers AKC and Mrs. Judith A Brown AKC
Secretary: GINGER SAMMONDS 4903 W. County Rd. 14 LOVELAND,Colorado
80537-9008 (970)310-6302

Irish Setter Club of Seattle
Enumclaw Expo Center, Enumclaw, WA
Friday, August 18, 2017
Conformation: Ann Savory Bolus
Puppy Sweeps: Dawn Secord
Veteran Sweeps: Dawn Secord
Junior Showmanship: Ann Savory Bolus
Obedience: Mary Jane Servais
Rally: Sandy Svendsen
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Conformation: Wayne M. Thompson
Puppy Sweeps: Bruce Foote
Veteran Sweeps: Bruce Foote
Superintendent: BaRay Event Services PO Box 508 Burlington, Washington
98233 (360)755-7086


Irish Setter Club of Minnesota
Washington County Fairgrounds Lake Elmo, MN
August 24, 2017
Conformation: Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Amy Gau
August 25, 2017
Conformation: Ms. Maureen Day
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: MS. Ellen Hardin
Secretary or Superintendent: Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, LLC
PO Box 25764 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125 (405) 427-8181

September 2017

Carolina Irish Setter Club

Pinehurst Polo Field, HWY 5, Pinehurst, NC 28374

September 16, 2017 (concurrent specialty w/ Moore County KC)

Conformation: Ms Maureen A. Day

Junior Showmanship: TBD

Sweepstakes: Ms Amy Maxwell

September 17, 2017 ( Supported entry w/ Pinehurst KC)
Conformation: Barbara Dempsey Alderman
Sweepstakes: Tracy McNeal

Show Superintendent: MBF, Inc. PO Box 22107 ,Greensboro, NC 27406 (336)379-9352


Irish Setter Club of Greater Tulsa, Inc.
Companion Dog School of Tulsa, 4411 South 91 East Street, Tulsa, OK
September 23, 2017 (morning specialty)
Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Patricia Darke
Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes: Mary Goeke
Obedience: Karen (Kay) Bedeau
September 23, 2017 (afternoon specialty)
Conformation: Sandra Novocin
Obedience: James Comunale
Show Secretary : Jana Davis PO Box 4567, Tulsa ,Oklahoma 74159 (918) 836-2342


Irish Setter Club of Western New York
Sampson State Park, Romulus, NY
Conformation: Dr. Bob G. Smith
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Carol Dubuque
Conformation: Elizabeth Sweigart
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Denise Fusco
Superintendent: Jim Rau Dog Shows LTD PO Box 6898 Reading, Pennsylvania
19611 (610)-376-1880


October 2017


Irish Setter Club of Central Connecticut
Tolland County Agricultural Center Vernon CT
Conformation and Junior showmanship: Anne Katona
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Debbie Mason
Obedience and Rally: Elizabeth Chase
Secretary : Susan Johnson 478 Buttonwoods Ave Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 (401)-739-5968


Irish Setter Club of Las Vegas
Morrell Park, 500 Harris St. Henderson, NV 89015
Oct. 13, 2017 AM
Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Dr. Robert D. Smith
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Jean Ryser
Oct. 13, 2017 PM
Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Mrs. Polly Smith
Show Secretary : Carol White 8871 Aurora Light Way, Las Vegas, Nevada
89123 (702) 677-0079

Irish Setter Club of Georgia
Conformation: Maureen Day 29991
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Terrence Boldin
Junior Showmanship: Maureen Day 29991
Superintendent: Onofrio PO Box 25764 Oklahoma City ,Oklahoma73125-0764
(405) 427-8181


Irish Setter Club of Greater St. Louis
Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield, Illinois
October 21, 2017
Conformation: Mr. James M. Fankhauser
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Ms. Molly E. Childers
Superintendent: MBF, Inc P.O Box 22067 Greensboro, North Carolina 27420 (336)3799352

Irish Setter Club of Delaware Valley
Buena Vista Family Campground, 775 Harding Highway, Buena, NJ
21 October 2017
Conformation: Mrs. Charlotte Clem McGowan
Puppy Sweeps: Bonita Marie Ingram
Veteran Sweeps: Bonita Marie Ingram
22 October 2017
Conformation: James E. Fredericksen
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Carrie Chase
Superintendent: Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd. P.O. Box 6898 Reading , Pennsylvania 19610 (610)376-1880

Irish Setter Club of the Pacific, S.F.
Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA
October 21, 2017
Conformation and Junior showmanship: Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Carolyn Dison
Superintendent: MB-F, Inc. PO Box 605 Pinole, California 94564
(510) 724-4716


Western Irish Setter Club
Porter County Expo Center 215 E. Division Road, Valparaiso, IN 46383
October 27,2017
Conformation: Charles Sloughfy
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Kim Haupt
Junior Showmanship: TBA
Superintendent: Roy Jones Dog Shows PO Box 828 Auburn Indiana 46706

Potomac Irish Setter Club
Carroll City Agricultural Center
October 28, 2017
Conformation: Ms Linda C More
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Claire Wisch-Abraham
Superintendent: MB-F Inc. PO Box 22107 Greensboro,Maryland 27420

November 2017

ISC of America Regional
Crump Park    Glen Allen  VA  23060
Conformation: Miss Gabriela Garcia
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Cindy Stanford
Junior Showmanship: John Savory
Secretary or Superintendent: Debbie Spinazzola
Street Address: 3305 Croshaw Ct Toano, Virginia 23168 (757) 903-5277

ISC of Greater Richmond
Crump Park      Glen Allen   VA
Conformation: Mrs Barbara Pepper
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Amy Duncan
Junior Showmanship: Mrs Barbara Pepper
Conformation: Diane Kepley
Puppy Sweeps: Amy Tourand
Veteran Sweeeps: Amy Tourand
Junior Showmanship: Peter Kubacz
Secretary or Superintendent: Debbie Spinazzola 3305 Croshaw Ct Toano, Virginia 23168 (757)-903-52


Irish Setter Club of Greater Tucson, Inc
Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ
November 16, 2017 AM Specialty
Conformation: Paula Dempsey
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Susie Bush
November 16, 2017 PM Specialty
Conformation: Terry Stacy
Secretary : Bert Crocker 4427 N Wolford Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85749
(520) 989-1776


Irish Setter Club of Arizona, Inc.
Pima County Fairgrounds
November 17, 2017
Conformation: Shelly S. Marx
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Pam Lambie
Secretary : Bert Crocker 4427 N. Wolford Dr. Tucson, Arizona 85749(469)-463-4842

Irish Setter Club of Jacksonville
K-9 Obedience Club, Jacksonville, Florida
November 17, 2017 (morning specialty)
Conformation: Judith A.. Zawikowski
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Deb Peterson
November 17, 2017 (afternoon specialty)
Conformation: Mareth K. Kipp
Secretary : Jim Mertsching 11804 Brady Road Jacksonville, Florida 32223 (904) 268-0253


December 2017


Irish Setter Club of Houston, Inc.
Lone Star Convention Center, 9333 Airport Road, Conroe, Texas
December 1, 2017
Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Carl Liepmann, AKC #2934
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps:TBD
Superintendent: Onofrio Dog Shows 3401 N. E. 23rd Str. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73121 (405)427-8181


Irish Setter Club of Fort Worth
Dallas Market Hall, Dallas TX
Thursday December 7, 2017
Conformation: Ms. Joanne (Jan) N PaulK
Puppy Sweeps: TBD
Secretary : Jeanna Jenkins 1425 Leicester ,Garland ,Texas 75044

January 2018


Irish Setter Club of Southern California
Indio, California (Empire Polo Field)
January 5, 2018
Conformation and Junior Showmanship: Mrs. Marilyn Pipes
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Vicki Larmour
Secretary Carolyn Sisson 6325 Lake Aral Ave. San Diego, California 92119-3430 (619)466-9792

February 2018


Irish Setter Club of Long Island
Hilton Westchester, Rye Brook, NY
February 9, 2018 (morning)
Conformation: Debra Davis
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Alessandra Folz Stymiest
Junior Showmanship: Susan Schafer
February 9, 2018 (afternoon)
Conformation: Kristin Scherrer
Juniors Showmanship: pending
Superintendent: Jim Rau Dog Shows, LTD PO Box 6898 Reading, Pennsylvania
19611 (610)3761880

Irish Setter Club of Long Island
Hilton Weschester, Rye Brook, NY
February 10, 2018
Conformation: Robert McKay
Puppy and Veteran Sweeps: Bruce Foote
Junior Showmanship: pending
Superintendent: Rau Dog Show PO Box 6898 Reading, Pennsylvania 19610 (610)3761880


Specialty shows are generally free and open to the public.  Parking or admittance fees are sometimes charged by the grounds.  Contact  the local club show sponsor for more information.

Each year, between April and June, ISCA hosts our National Specialty and Obedience Trial.  It is held on a rotating basis in one of four regions of the United States designated by the club. This four to five day event allows breeders, exhibitors and fanciers the opportunity to exhibit, discuss and examine the quality Irish Setters from across the country. An educational seminar, sight seeing tours and hospitality are some of the attractions of the National Specialty, in addition to the annual awards banquet. 

Local AKC Irish Setter Clubs may apply to ISCA to hold an ISCA Regional Specialty. Guidelines for applying for and holding an ISCA Regional Specialty

Attention Local Clubs!
Local Specialty consent forms are now available online!
Please fill out the Show Consent Form  - directions are on the form.

Fran Jackson
Show Consents Chairman
744 Aumond Road
Augusta, GA 30909
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form please email  Fran