2014 National Field Trial    
Booneville, AR



2018 National Field Championship
and Supporting Stakes

October 28, 2017 to Conclusion

Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area
Booneville, Arkansas

Mary Ann Gustafson, Trial Secretary
8305 Elroy Rd
Del Valle, TX 78617-4818
(512) 247-3731   

Stan Noble, Trial Chairman

Closing Date: Monday - October 22, 2018

Promotional items Order Form
(Deadline for mug is Oct. 1, 2018)

Judges & Stakes & Entry Fees:

Open Derby
Jerry Oswalt 
Ray Nowell 

Natl Grand Championship
Alan O Davison 
Ray Nowell 

Natl Grand Am Championship
Dickie Sorrell 
Kevin B Waide 




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