Breeder's Rights


Just as you have reasonable expectations as a buyer when you go to purchase a puppy, the breeder, who has put so much heart and soul into this litter, has the right to expect certain things from you.
1. If the breeder has suggested that you follow a certain regimen in raising the puppy, you should abide by those suggestions concerning feeding, grooming and exercise to the utmost of your ability. It is always advisable to consult with your veterinarian about this.

2. The breeder has a right to expect you to keep the puppy clean and healthy.

3. If you agreed to have the puppy altered, you are obligated to do so within a reasonable time. Six months is usually considered the norm.

4. The breeder has the right to expect that you have represented yourselves and your family honestly regarding your ability to care for this animal.

5. The breeder has the right to expect that you will come back for advice if you have a problem you cannot solve.

6. If you have signed a breeding contract which governs when and how a bitch or dog will be bred, you are bound to abide by that contract. It is important to a breeder that puppies they produce are in turn bred to improve the line. It is for this reason that many breeders sell puppies, particularly bitch puppies, with "strings" attached. You should know what the conditions are and the breeder should explain them to you thoroughly before any contract is signed.